Student Data Books: Getting Organized!!

(So this is take two on this blog post... started it on my phone, when to look something up real fast and lost it. Oh well, Take a Deep Breath Tuesday continues!!)

This year I completely revamped and reorganized my system for data collection, which brought with it new formatted programs, data sheets and a MUCH better organizational system that makes instruction SO much easier! Including myself, there are 4 staff members in my classroom running programs on any given day at any given time. That means we need a clear-cut & simple system that we can use efficiently so our main focus is student learning!

Create what works for you and your classroom. I do NOT have all of my data in this book, this is primarily academics and language skills. Other skills which most/all students are working on that take place in a very specific location (such as hygiene, typing, vocational work tasks) are organized in their own binders with each students' current goals, data sheets & materials are set up inside - again, whatever is the simplest way to make everything clear and accessible is absolutely the way to go!

I have to give a shout out to Miss. Meghan, a colleague of time, who used this fantastic organizer & some neat tricks to make them last longer & be completely re-usable time and time again (you'll see how below!) for her skill acquisition programs: This is what I'm talking about (also available at other stores that sell office supplies such as Walmart, possibly Target, etc.): Avery Extra-Wide Table of Contents Tab Dividers 1-10

 So first things first - cute binder covers & spine labels with student names so all staff can quickly identify and grab what they need (I even have one student who will look at the schedule, see that he is working with me, see which classmates are also working with us and will grab all the books to get ready!)

When you open the binders, the first thing you'll see is: A list of IEP goals, baseline scores, dates the programs were initiated & mastery or discontinuation dates, assessments & assessment data, my notes, etc. Just a little section all for me :)

Here's the table of contents divider set in action! I have mine laminated so I can easily write on and erase them using dry erase markers & then the table of contents is placed in a page protector so the writing doesn't get wiped off until I'm ready (again, thanks Meg, you're 100% my organizational guru!).
Note: This particular student has a lot of goals in a lot of different areas, so I have grouped them together in a way I felt made the most sense. For that reason when you flip to a certain #'d divider you will see multiple goals. Ideally, there would only be one goal per divider, however who would I be if I didn't have to be flexible & learn to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of my kids??

Next: I included a binder pocket for storing bulkier materials. I only put things in here temporarily (if they are shared/communal materials) or things which only that one student is working on. 
Note: I have a different storage place for communal materials so that we can all locate & share the materials easily.

Once you flip to the next page, you'll find the numbered dividers, which, again, make it super easy to find what you need and fast!
Flip to the divider you're looking for here is what you will find:
1. A skill acquisition program
2. A data sheet
3. Materials (whenever possible!)

The data collecting continues in the next section. Here you will find all of my curriculum checklists, updated regularly for the student. 
(Behind the checklists I have acquired programs, still working on some of the organization in the back of these binders, but hey - we are a work in progress!)

I hope you find this helpful & please share your tips for organization, I'm always looking for ways to improve my organization & efficiency!

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