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I know a lot of us are struggling right now when it comes to teaching hands on job skills to our learners during this challenging period. For those who are teaching in person, there are likely many restrictions which do not allow your students to work in the community or really even around the school itself on top of limiting shared materials, teacher prompting and proximity, etc. For those like myself who are teaching remotely, it feels impossible. But it isn't. None of this is ideal, that's certainly true. However, there are LOTS of ways you can continue to work on exploring careers and learning job skills virtually!

There are two main ways I have worked on these skills since distance learning began in the spring and I am hoping to expand on how I address these needs this fall:

1. Career exploration videos: 

  • I have used a TON of videos from Career One Stop in lessons with my students. I do really like this website because they have lots and lots of videos and other information related to lots and lots of jobs. My only challenge with this website is that the videos themselves generally were fast paced and covered a lot of content in a short time, making it hard for some of my students to really follow what was happening. This varied by video & I have some students who these videos worked great for. Definitely worth checking out. 
  • I have also found LOTS of great videos on YouTube (always preview these videos before sharing with your students, and I advise using the Safe You Tube website to generate a link that will only grant access to that video rather than allow your students to click and scroll their way through questionable content on YouTube...). I found so many videos which were an actual walk through of the job or provided a clear model of specific job tasks for things like stocking supplies or merchandise, busing a table, and more! 
  • It takes some patience as you wade through all that is out there, but there are definitely worthwhile videos within both of these sites (and likely other websites as well!).

2. Simulated Job Tasks: There are plenty of ways to approach this, here are some of my ideas as well as ways I have approached this so far.

  • BOOM Cards -  There are TONS of free career focused activities out there! I know there are lots of high quality paid resources as well. There are lots of you out there creating your OWN BOOM decks - well you impress me! I have yet to even try, though it is on my list so maybe that will change soon. 
  • Interactive Google Slides - I have been working very hard on this, as I always believe that our students do best with HANDS ON practice. Although these digital practice activities look different from what our students will face once they are out in the workforce, the simulated tasks still allow the student to practice skills related to the job as well as get a feel for their skill and interest in this area.
  • Google Forms - I typically had students reflect on the job using forms so I knew the work was completed, as well as had a record of what they did and their preference. I usually began the form by having the student recall some information about the job (e.g., job title, tasks completed at this job, etc.) then asked them to indicate if this is a job they would like to try in the future. I also at times put in questions which required the student to demonstrate that they knew how to perform the task - e.g., determining if shelves were stocked correctly, identifying the proper cleaning tools needed for a job, data entry, etc. 
  • Suggestions for Simulating Jobs at Home 

    3. Putting it all together: In the spring I generally did the following:

    1. Question of the Day Related to the job I planned to address *I used a combination of Vocational Questions of the Day from Adulting Made Easy as well as questions I created specifically for my own learners.
    2. Simple written explanation and/or a video about the job (See #1 above)
    3. Simulated, Interactive Job Tasks (See #2 above)
    4. Reflection: Some of this was done verbally or via chat features during a live lesson, other times this was completed via a google form.
    One NEW way I plan to work on this in the fall is using Virtual Job Fairs. This will allow learners to select jobs they wish to learn about, research them, practice some skills related to the job and reflect afterwards! I am SO excited to introduce this to my students and am hoping it will be a fun way to approach this need in an unideal situation. 
    Although I am still working on it, here is a quick clip of what this looks like so far:

    EDIT: Since this blog post was written, I have created a Virtual Job Fair Template FREEBIE. You can find it in my TPT Shop, or CLICK HERE to check it out!

    What are some other ways you are addressing this with your students? I know this is a challenge, but we do need to continue to provide transition services to our students, even remotely, and honestly for me it is one of my favorite parts of work - so I am very excited to still be able to work on these skills!

    Best of luck this school year, I know you're all out there giving it everything you can. 
    Take care of yourselves!



    Back to School 2020: May Your Reinforcer Game Be Strong

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    08/11/2020, 23:31 PM

    May Your Reinforcers Be Strong 💪🏻 Back to School 2020 

    Look guys - we have all been saying it... this year will be unlike any other school year. For me personally, the learners I work with have been home, many with a reduced demand level, with new stressors, without a routine or with MAJOR changes to their routines for SIX MONTHS! We absolutely have to think of this every morning when we walk in that door. This is what we and more importantly what our STUDENTS are up against.

    With so many changes and restrictions, with so much unknown one thing we absolutely must do is make sure we are ready to reinforce the heck out of every. single. thing. our kids do 🙌🏻
    I know that my “tentative and soon to change 1,000 times” plan for the school year looks like this:
    1. Teach and reinforce masks, social distancing and basic hygiene
    2. Teach and reinforce adherence to new routines (no communal supplies and not touching things which don’t belong to you... even if just to race across the room and put them “away”). This is going to be big. It’s ALSO going to take some classroom modifications, depending on the room (for those of you who don’t know, I no longer have my own classroom, I now teach Careers and Life Skills across 3-4 of our self contained special education program classes. Also - I enjoy creating my own rules surrounding the use of punctuation & making run on sentences trendy.) 
    I think my motto this year will be “when in doubt, take it out.” If there is something your students can’t touch... get it out of the classroom. Or into a locked cabinet. We have no time for these kinds of battles (and frankly, our students have no time for the extra stress and confusion!) when returning to school in the midst of this pandemic.
    3. Teaching our digital platforms 💻 Google Classroom was a fantastic way to set things up this spring. All in one place, 1 daily link to click and get access to EVERYTHING the students needed to do for the day (outside of live sessions). And guess what, most of the kids: 1. Didn’t know how to use it, 2. Refused to use it, 3. Didn’t “refuse” but also just didn’t get there 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Google Slides Schedules & Activities, navigating to a link or website and returning, etc. These were huge barriers for our kids. I’m not saying that we won’t do any hands on lessons, or we will be computer based even in person 100% of the time, but we learned a lot this spring, and a big chunk of that was that our kids weren’t ready for accessing instruction online. And we needed them to be. Think about future implications! Sending home a digital schedule or video model for a new skill/generalizing a skill learned in the school setting? This alone makes it SO important that we get it right. Not to mention the very real possibility of additional shutdowns while this pandemic continues to hang heavy around here..
    4. Preference assessments & HEAVY reinforcement for all these things listed above and more will be an absolute priority for me as well! Individualized token boards and other reinforcement systems will of course continue to be used - some moving to digital formats when possible to reduce the number of materials which are handled by both a student and their teacher(s.) 
    Here are links to 2 FREE Token Board Resources for you if you need them! 
    1. Printable Token Board (laminate and use with a dry erase marker, add Velcro and use physical tokens/coins): Click Here to Access
    2. Digital Token Board for Google Slides: Click Here to Access
    Using class-wide systems of reinforcement can also be helpful depending on your learners! I was working on this with some of my classes last year and will certainly continue to do so moving forward. In one class, we had 2 systems running: 1. Employee of the Week - every day students earned points based on behavior, effort & teamwork, if they received a set number of points that day, they were entered into a bin to be in the running for employee of the week that week (selected by pulling a name from the bin). PLUS every day that we earned 100% of our points, we earned a piece of the puzzle for our whole class prize! We were on a roll working towards a dance party when the pandemic hit our area and we were shut down, so I’m hoping to jump right back in where we left off!! 
    Collage of 5 photographs showing a class wide reinforcer system. Includes Daily Employee Paycheck tallying points, Weekly Employee of the Week Certificate, Rules and Choiceboard for Whole Class Rewards and Puzzle Pieces to be Earned for Reward.

    So that’s the rough draft of my plan. I am hoping we will ease back into routines and be able to feel confident and comfortable that we can maintain health and safety while meeting the needs of our learners. There will be adjustments and challenges, but just like during Distance Learning - there will be celebrations for how we have all risen to the challenge and exceeded the expectations!! Best of luck this year everyone! Please comment below to share your plans and experiences as you move back into your classrooms as well!
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