What is Meaningful and Successful Participation in the Community? (A Brief Overview)

A few months back I had the chance to do some in district parent training on success in the community and promised to share the slides with you all (sorry for the delay!) so here it is! I may try at a future date to do a more in depth series on community instruction and building success. If there are any specific areas you are all looking for help with please reach out on the blog or email me at autism.theteenyears@gmail.com

The main areas covered in the training are: 
(Keep in mind this is a HUGE topic and I could literally talk about it for days. And days. So many areas were an overview and a lot of individual details and discussions came up during the training.)

1. Safety & Preparedness


2. Readiness Skills

3. Strategies for Success

4. Defining Success

5. Final Tips & Reminders

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