New All-In-One Visual Schedule Binders

Hey Guys! SOOO I posted some pics of the new schedule I'm piloting with my class this fall (well... my aides & sub since I'll be out on maternity leave, but either way!) & got quite a few questions, so here it is! Below are pictures and descriptions of the schedules we follow each day.

Our class follows a large daily schedule which is posted on the wall. It displays the start times & major activities of the day (we recently added an additional visual which a student checks off the type of schedule that day - early dismissal, regular schedule, delayed opening, etc.). This is what the students copy into their planners each day. (There are also day of the week schedules nearby which highlight major events BUT I of course don't have a picture saved in my phone & have already dismantled my classroom for the year, so that will have to wait for a future date!)

We also have a schedule on the Smart Board which gives clarification to the current day's expectations during any given activity. For example  - during stations the students either see a list of possible tasks & staff assignments for the duration of stations OR see a chart which shows which staff member & activity they will perform during rotations in stations. We MOST often have the same staff for the entire 1.5-2 hour stations session & just rotate tasks with that staff member (due to our classroom logistics like job sampling which eliminates 1-2 staff members for the whole morning/afternoon, it is much less chaotic to have the same person for the entire time). Some days we will rotate staff & activities. This typically occurs on days when all staff & students are in the room AND I need to run specific groups with the students & so in order to rotate through those groups, I need to have staff jump around to support different kids with different activities.

SOME of my students do a very nice job of following the Smart Board schedule, rather than simply following what they believe to be the routine for that day from memory, however most of my students need reminders to check & see if they have completed all tasks, have noted changes, etc. This is (in part) where the idea of the all in one schedules came from. I wanted to give my guys something that they could use for the entire day which would help them to be more accountable for the tasks & expectations during all scheduled activities. It also serves the purpose of keeping ALL visuals related to schedule tasks in one place. I cannot tell you how often things get put in different places or disappear & it makes me CRAZY! If we can't access the supports we need when we need them, they are totally useless (and we REALLY need them).

So I created these mini binders, each cover has just the student's name, with tabbed pages (for easy access) for each major scheduled activity for the day. Some activities also have additional pages behind them which are either further explanation of the tasks, prompts, visual aids, etc. Each page also notes any general expectations for the class such as cleaning up all task materials before moving on to the first step of the next activity, identifying what items are needed (if traveling), etc. Take a look below to see all of the pages & feel free to email me (or comment on the post) with any questions or to clarify any of the tasks!

Happy scheduling everyone :) ***Also, check out this FREEBIE in my TpT shop to help you create your own mini binder schedules!

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